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BigLogo Cinque Terre Postcards
Big Logo Cinque Terre Postcards
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» Walking

Large part of the Cinque Terre's tourist success is due to their paths and walks which curve round the coast or reach the sanctuaries above each village. The view is breath-taking and anybody can enjoy them: young or old. One can return from these walks using public transport, like the train, the ferryboat or the bus. One needs only minimum equipment: shoes with anti-slippery sole, long trousers to protect oneself from the thorn bushes, some water and, according to the season, a large straw hat or a sports jacket. And to end the day a relaxing, invigorating dive in the water. All in all this is the ideal marriage of sea and mountain.

Although each village of the Cinque Terre can be reached by car, you have to be aware of the fact that the network of roads is quite complicated, and that it will take you a lot of time to arrive at your final destination.
Who wants to reach Portovenere, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia or Vernazza, has to leave the motorway at the tollgate La Spezia - Santo Stefano Magra.
You have to cross the whole town, following the indications for your final destination. You have to take Viale Italia, Viale Amendola, and as soon as you have left the stadium 'Alberto Picco' in Viale Fieschi behind, you arrive at a red light.
On your left you continue for Portovenere (SS 530), straight forward you go towards the Cinque Terre (state street SS 370 that goes up steeply).
It is not only complicated to reach the Cinque Terre by car, but there are also big parking problems.
Therefor we recommend you to make use of the trains or the ferry boats