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» Walking: Path nr 1

Path nr 1 (length: circa 40 km, duration of the trip: circa 13 h)

Path n°1 connects Portovenere with Levanto, and goes mostly along the crest that separates the coastal slope of the Riviera of La Spezia (the Cinque Terre) from the interior one, that faces the greenness of Vara Valley and the Gulf of La Spezia.
The natural panorama of this area, between the sea and the slope, is deeply signed by the work of the "man" that has transformed the earth into terraces that slope down to the sea in order to plant wine trees, olive trees, and other horticultural species, in a place very arid and steep.
As this path is very variegated and charming, it is certainly the most fascinating one.
The sea remains majestic on your left (if you start obviously from Portovenere), and it seems almost that you can touch the Apennine chain, and the Apuan Alps with all the Tyrrhenian coast until Livorno - a unique spectacle.
The itinerary can be certainly divided into different sections, and that is what has done for you, in order to give you the possibility to appreciate this area that the Unesco has defined as "patrimony of the humanity" even more.

Path nr 1