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» Walking: Path nr 1 - Part 1, Portovenere - Campiglia

Portovenere (0 meters o.s.l.) - Campiglia (401 meters o.s.l.), Distance: circa 6 km. Duration of the trip: circa 2 h

The path nr 1 for Levanto starts from the central part of the village of Portovenere (end station for the busses coming from La Spezia).
The path goes up steeply, coasting the castle that was built in 1161 and completed in the 16th century; near the cemetery we have a splendid view of the sea and the promontory of San Pietro.
The path continues to rise and goes through the spontaneous vegetation, the well-known Mediterranean bush that has regained the fields once cultivated mainly with olives trees.
We proceed coasting the wall of rocks of the Muzzerone that overhangs the sea, and represents a beloved destination for free-climbers from all over the world; continuing on an apparently flat ground, we reach the locality of Mortea (name coming from "mirto" - myrtle, once a very abundant plant in this part of the region) from where we can see in whole liberty a magnificent panorama, viewing the Gulf of La Spezia, the islands and all the Tyrrhenian coast until Livorno, and in the middle the marble of the Apuan Alps.
Once on the asphalt-road we reach the "Sella di Derbi" (190 meters o.s.l.) - from here we see the open sea and the path that is again excavated and narrow - which means: from now on be careful!
We pass in front of a memorial tablet in honour of workers who died here in 1937, and in the middle of the Mediterranean bush, although not so exuberant as before 1987 - the year of a terrible fire.
When we arrive at the "Pitone" locality (local term to say Belvedere), we have a splendid panorama of the coast characterised by the precipices of the Muzzerone and the islands. At this point, when passed a little ridge we enter into the D'albana valley with its coloured jaspers, we walk through the carriage way to Campiglia in the middle of a pinewood, and after the football field we pass the village of Campiglia, built along the old path on the crest.