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» Walking: Path nr 1 - Part 4, Madonna di Soviore - Levanto

Madonna di Soviore (470 meters o.s.l.) - Levanto (0 meters o.s.l.). Distance: circa 11 km. Duration of the trip: circa 4 h

From the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Soviore to the "Colle della Gritta" we have to continue on an asphalt-street. After this hill (Colle della Gritta) the first houses of Levanto that we can reach immediately, cutting n° 1 and taking path n° 12 instead - are appearing in a certain distance.
Passed the restaurant after the parking space, from 329 meters we go up to the pinewood of "Monte Molinelli".
We enjoy a game of lights and shadows, and the panorama towards Monte Rossini is astonishing.
From one side the coast that we have left behind us departing from Portovenere, on the other side a very nice panoramic view of Levanto, the promontory of Bonassola, Framura until Punta Manara.
Proceeding you reach the saddle of Colla dei Bagari - a starting point for different paths: the n° 14 to Fegina through Casa Ciletto, the n° 22 to Levanto passing through the "Costa del Monte delle Forche", the n° 16 that bypasses Punta Mesco, and the n° 15 that arrives at Levanto through the "Piani di Seghezza".
Path n°1 continues versus south, following the crest, arriving at the Saddle of Sant'Antonio where a little sight tower appears: we are just over Punta Mesco.
At the left path n°10 leads to Monterosso.
Regaining Saddle Sant'Antonio the n°1 goes down to a pinewood.
We see groups of isolated houses (Casa Lovara and Casa Nuova), and the scenery is always unique; in a short time we reach the asphalt-street and the restaurant "La Giada del Mesco".
Passed a farmhouse, our path changes its character once again: a stair is bringing you to Levanto.
The path leads you to the square that is on the opposite side of the castle of Sant'Andrea.
Our path and our trip that started at Portovenere ends with a walk along the sea of Levanto.