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» Walking: Path nr 1 - Part 3, Cigoletta - M. di Soviore

Cigoletta (612 meters o.s.l.) - Madonna di Soviore (470 meters o.s.l.). Distance: circa 10 km. Duration of the trip: circa 3,5 h

Our path n° 1 to Levanto restarts up steeply, and as before you are walking between the land- and the seaside. We are at the feet of "Monte Gaginara" with its 771 meters altitude; the pathway is large but progressively goes up while on the background dominates the promontory of Mesco.
Before getting even higher, we reach two little connection paths (n° 3 and n° 3/a) to Casella, Ponzò and Pian di Barca.
We start to descend slowly, while on the left we see Monte Castello from where you can join path n° 4 that brings to Corvara; after hundred meters we join another saddle of Prato Como, in front of Monte Malpertuoso that with its 815 meters is the highest relief of our path. This saddle has on the right another path (n° 5) that goes to Corvara too.
Passed the Saddle of Malpertuoso, path n° 1 descends through the wood, alternating with the asphalt-street until you reach the "Foce di Drignana". We proceed, and shortly after the Saddle Caprile the path branches off: one part goes directly to Saddle Schisarola, bypassing, the other one proceeds under the little hill of Monte Santa Croce.
Now path n° 1 has reached "Colle Il Termine" and with it the asphalt-street.
We arrived practically at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Soviore, situated in the upper side of Monterosso al Mare.
The Sanctuary is a well-known place as it has several receptive places, with rooms, bar, restaurants and a wide space to regain energy.
From the square path n° 9 leads to Monterosso.