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» Walking: Path nr 1 - Part 2, Campiglia - Cigoletta

Campiglia (401 meters o.s.l.) - Cigoletta (612 meters o.s.l.). Distance: circa 11 km. Duration of the trip: circa 4 h

As mentioned before the built-up area of Campiglia is grown along the old path on the crest and for this reason it is a crossroad of paths: from the main square start the path n°11 and n° 4/b (on the left), while on the right continues the n°11 to Acquasanta and a little bit further the 4/a for Biassa.
Before you can once again enjoy the fantastic panorama of the Gulf and the littoral, you have to go up some steep stairs following path n°1. You can continue to the Sant'Antonio pass through cultivated vineyards that you can observe closely, while from now on you will see few of them and far away; pinewoods and cork-trees (very rare at this altitudes and with this humidity) and a foreshortening panorama of Schiara, a little group of seasonal houses, can be seen.
Surpassed the "Pozai" coast and a chestnut wood the path follows an excavated street and goes long a pinewood of maritime pines, where you can have sort of relax with all kinds of gymnastic tools: "the green gymnasium", so appreciated by the local people.
We go down until the Sant'Antonio chapel, crossroad of the paths to Biassa and Pegazzano (n° 4, right side), to Fossola and Scoglio Grimaldo (n° 4/c) and for Schiara and Monesteroli (n° 4, left side, and n° 4/d). We walk through a pinewood proceeding to "Telegrafo" with a little restaurant "Il Caminetto", a place where we can eat the typical local dishes and in particular the "mesciua", a soup with vegetables and spelt, flavoured with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Even "Telegrafo" is an important crossroad of paths: on the left with the n° 3 and n° 3/a you can reach the beautiful Sanctuary of the Madonna of Montenero and Riomaggiore, on the right with the same n° 3 you can walk to Biassa.

The path n°1 continues to rise along the crest with a spectacle of suggestive pictures - you can see from Montenero right to Punta Mesco, passing Volastra. At the height of Bramapane, on the right, a "cut" of the path of some meters allows you to see the Gulf of La Spezia, all this shadowed by Verrugoli (745 meters), invaded of antennas.
We proceed slowly at an altitude of 630 meters and after having passed "Cava Ferrando" on the right you find a diversion (path n°4/e) that brings you to 'Monte Parodi' through the "Sella di Carpena", and to the tavern "Paradiso".
On path n° 1 you arrive at "Monte Grosso" and "Sella La Croce", well indicated on a metal placket; from here you can reach the following destinations: on the left n° 01 (to Riomaggiore) and nr 02 (for Manarola), while on the right the same n° 01 goes to Carpena, Castè and La Foce where the Pieve of Morinasco rises.
Our path n°1 instead continues to go up a little bit and bypassed a flat ground we are under the "Monte Galera".
After having passed a little artificial cave at 708 meters over the sea level, on the right we have the n° 2 path to Crocetta and San Benedetto, while on the left the same n° 2 leads to Manarola and 6/b to Volastra.

Straight after, we come across "Menhir of Monte Capri" or "Menhir of Cinque Terre" - a big prehistoric discovery of ca. 4 meter lengths from the bronze age. The path continues with its ups and downs, passing indistinctly from the seaside (on the left) to the landside (on the right), and immediately after having passed the "Sella di Cuna", we arrive at the South East of Monte Marvede", another important crossroad of paths.
On the left: n° 6 (to Volastra and Manarola), the not very easy n° 7/c (to Corniglia). at the right n° 6 to Casella, Valdipino e Riccò del Golfo.
The n° 1 instead leads you to the Valley of Molinello; the houses of Porciano are immersed between the wine trees, and after a short descent, you arrive at a grass field surrounded by maritime pines, the ideal place to rest a little bit. You arrive at the Passo della Cigoletta.
From here you can divert, taking path n° 7 (passing by San Bernardino - from here with nr 7/b to Corniglia) to Vernazza, arriving from the heights to village.
A path that we invite you to discover.
On the right instead, with n° 7 you arrive at a little river and as a consequence at Riccò del Golfo.