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BigLogo Cinque Terre Postcards
Big Logo Cinque Terre Postcards
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» Walking: how to reach the Cinque Terre

Arriving and moving by car
List of motorways to take coming from Genoa, Milan, Rome, Turin or Ventimiglia
  • From Milan via Genoa:
    Milan - Genoa (A7); Genoa - La Spezia (A12)
  • From Milan via Parma:
    Milan - Parma (A1); Parma - La Spezia (A15) From Turin: Turin - Alessandria (A21); Alessandria - Genoa (A26); Genoa - La Spezia (A12)
  • From Ventimiglia:
    Ventimiglia - Genoa (A10); Genoa - La Spezia (A12)
  • From Rome via Florence:
    Rome - Florence (A1); Florence - Pisa (A11); Pisa - La Spezia (A12)
  • From Rome via Grosseto:
    Rome - Livorno (SS1); Livorno - La Spezia (A12)

Arriving and moving by train

Every village of the Cinque Terre can be reached by car, but it will take you a lot of time to reach your final destination.
Moreover, their are big parking problems.
That's why we recommend you to make use of the trains. The Cinque Terre can be reached by TRAIN with the line Ventimiglia-Genoa-Rome. Every village of the Cinque Terre has a railway station which is in the center of the village (the only exception is Corniglia).
There are a lot of trains which connect the stretch La Spezia - Levanto, and the local trains stop in each of the five centers. The Intercity trains (the mean of transport for those who are coming from the big Italian cities or from abroad) stop usually at Levanto, Monterosso al Mare and La Spezia.
From these stations you can move without problems with the local trains.
Who wants to go to Portovenere has to get off the train at the railway station of La Spezia Centrale in order to then take the autobus for Portovenere.
Attention: There are some autobus which depart directly from the railway station, however, most of them depart from the center of La Spezia close to the "Piazza del Mercato".
For precise time schedules and information, consult the site of the Italian railways.

Moving with the ferry boats

The service is carried out only in case of favorable weather conditions, for more informations and timetable of ferryboat visit:

Arriving by airplane

For who wants to arrive by airplane: the closest airports to La Spezia are the international "C. Colombo" of Genoa (112 km) and the international "G. Galilei Pisa (84 km).
From Pisa as well as from Genoa a lot of trains go towards La Spezia. Even the airport of Milan can be an alternative.
From Milan you can go by train or autobus to Genoa, and then from here to the Cinque Terre.