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BigLogo Cinque Terre Postcards
Big Logo Cinque Terre Postcards
Image for section Around Cinque Terre

» Walking: Sentiero Azzurro - Blue Path - part 3, Corniglia - Vernazza

Duration: ca. 1:30 hours

After a stretch of street in asphalt you have to go downstairs on your left, and you will reach once again the path N. 2 which continues between olive-trees, vineyards, Mediterranean bush and farmer houses partly left. On this stretch you have to affront some difficult points, but don't worry: some pieces of shadow will allow you to relax a moment.
Moreover, you will be paid for your toil with a wide panorama. After about 1:30 hours you will arrive above the village of Vernazza which is considered the most beautiful village of the Cinque Terre, and also one of the most spectacular places of the whole Liguria.
So you should have a look from high above at the village protected by the sea, with its characteristic fortress, and the small port.
Going downstairs, you will arrive at the center of Vernazza. The main street leads you to a square with the church Santa Margherita di Antiochia, to a sand beach, and the small port.