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» Around Cinque Terre...: Corniglia

Corniglia (which is probably of Roman origins) differentiates itself from the other villages for its elevated position high above the sea.
It is situated on a promontory of a height of about a hundred of meters which is steep and inaccessible from the sea, close to a hill with numerous vineyards. A lot of stairs lead you from the railway station to the village.
The main street winds in the middle of low constructions, and finishes on a panoramic terrace with a fantastic view over the sea. It represents a building and urban typology which has not been radically changed, and which is very similar to the one of the rural centers of the hinterland.
The square in the center of the village allows the villagers and the tourists to enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of Corniglia which seems more a village of farmers than of fishers.

To visit:

Main monuments:

  • The Parish Church of S. Pietro - The Parish Church is next to the city's entrance, and it is one of the most interesting monuments of the Ligurian gothic in the Cinque Terre. Constructed in 1334, it comprises gothic and baroque forms, and it strikes for its simple and elegant front with its rose-window in white marble from Carrara. Inside you can admire the baptismal of the 12th century, and a polyptych divided into slices that represent the Masters.
  • The antique postal station - Very close to the parish church there as a building with gothic arches in black stone, that according to the tradition, represents the antique postal station of the family Fieschi. You should have a look at this building, and also at the rests of antique fortresses on rocks high above the sea.
  • Oratorio of the Disciplinati di S. Caterina - On the square in the village's center you can see the oratorio of the Disciplinati di S. Caterina.


  • S. Bernardino - 385 m - path N. 2 e 7 b - 1 hour You have to follow the path N. 2 for Vernazza as far as Prevo, where you have to turn right in order to take the path N. 7 that goes up to the Sanctuary.
    The building was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century on the rests of an antique chapel, which dates back to the 17th century.
    If you look towards north-west you see Vernazza and the headland Mesco, at south-east you can admire the coast as far as the cape of Montenero
  • To Vernazza - spath N. 2 - have a look at the "blue path"
  • To Manarola - path N. 2 - have a look at the "blue path"

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